I was browsing through an outdoor store the other day and I noticed a new product called “Functional Wedding Rings”.  So there is a demand for an inexpensive, rugged ring which allows a person to go about their recreational activities while continuing to demonstrate that he or she is married (but takes away the worry about losing or damaging the real ring).  

How smart! We do evolve with the times!   

But then it occured to me that very few people are evolving in regards to the institution of marriage. Specifically, as a divorce attorney, I find that very few people actually want to know what happens when a marriage goes bad. Whether you like the sound of it or not, marriage is at least partly a “business decision”.  

But alas, why is it that the institution of marriage seems to be the only “business decision” we make where most people do not want to learn about what happens when it ends?  

Well, I have heard people say that they feel like if they educate themselves on what happens when a marriage fails, they are “planning to fail”. Or, I have heard people say “that won’t be us”.  

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how many of my clients sit in front of me and blow a gasket when I tell them that their spouse will receive one-half (1/2) of their retirement account. Some clients get blown away that they have unknowingly gifted their inheritance to their spouse (and it is now a marital asset subject to division). They also get astonished that they have unknowingly created a situation whereby he or she is on the hook to pay alimony for a number of years.

Would it not be smart to have a premarital consult with your soon-to-be spouse?

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