Our Team

Gerry Coggin

Founder/Managing Attorney
[email protected]

As the founder and managing attorney of Coggin Law, Gerry Coggin concentrates his practice exclusively on North Carolina family law, with a focus on separation, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and property division. With nearly two decades of experience, Gerry has developed a reputation for responsive and detailed representation while also ensuring his clients are well-informed and apprised of their options. Whether the process calls for an analysis of a separation agreement, attending mediation or going to trial, Gerry has the knowledge, experience and demeanor to guide his clients through any stage of the family law process. 

After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gerry graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2003. He then began his career with a Charlotte law firm where he was provided with the intensive training and mentorship required to be proficient in the practice of family law. In 2007, Gerry founded Coggin Law with the goal of utilizing the education and mentorship he had received to build a client-focused, full-service family law firm. Having now conducted hundreds of family law-related mediations and trials over the past seventeen (17) years, Gerry is uniquely qualified to offer his clients in Charlotte and the surrounding counties the well-reasoned, common sense advice they deserve from a family law attorney.

Meet Gerry Coggin of Coggin Law

Whitney Wechter

Legal Assistant
[email protected]

If you call the offices of Coggin Law, there is a good chance that the first person you will talk to is Whitney. Whitney is the person who will schedule you for a consultation, intake your information, and assist me in all aspects of your case if you choose to hire Coggin Law.

Whitney was born and raised in Stanly County, just a short ride from Charlotte up Highway 24/27, and currently lives in Cabarrus County with her husband and daughter.

Having worked for many years as a Legal Assistant in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina, Whitney has an abundance of experience and knowledge, a wealth of common sense, and the reassuring demeanor which is required to work with our family law clients.

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